SMART Warranty

Congratulations on your purchase of your SMART Multi-Tool, by filling in this Warranty Registration Form, you will qualify for either 3-year warranty* on your TR30, TR40 or TR60, or 10-year warranty* on your SMT300!

You have chosen well, your SMART Multi-Tool will become ‘a friend by your side’ for all those difficult tasks in difficult places, unbelievably versatile, your SMART Multi-Tool is great for sawing, cutting, routing and sanding plus countless other possibilities. It can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to handle a variety of applications, that you can find out about – right here at www.smart-toolgroup.com


The correct serial number on your tool will look like this (and found on the right-hand side of the tool)
 *please note your warranty does not cover Carbon Brushes or the Power Lead

SMART Blade Guarantee

Are you professional? So are we, the SMART Professional series of Multi-tool blades are at the apex of the quality spectrum. All made from the highest quality materials.

SMART blades face numerous quality and rigor tests and consequently, these blades are backed up by a full replacement guarantee against breakage. If your SMART blade suffers a breakage conforming to the below example, you’ll be entitled to a free replacement.

 image image
You’ll be entitled to a replacement blade. We would not expect our blades to break in this way and will, therefore, replace the blade if it does happen. This is most likely caused due to the prolonged, excessive or incorrect usage of the blade and will not be eligible for replacement. SMART blades are designed for long life, however, to get the most out of each blade it will require correct usage – see our tips and tricks page to find out how to extend your blades life!

SMART Tool Warranty Registration Form