SMART Tips & Tricks



The best way to increase your blade life simply comes down to the way you use it. Whilst the oscillating action of the multi-tool creates a sawing action, the actual movement of the blade tip is no more than 2-3 teeth wide. So when your blade hits a nail or screw, all the pressure is on 2-3 teeth. This causes excessive heat and wears these few teeth out very quickly leaving a flat spot that renders the blade ineffective for further cutting. Understanding this is key to overcoming the issue.

The solution is to move the blade from side to side as much as possible. Don’t just rely on the oscillating action. By spreading the load over as many teeth as possible you reduce the friction and therefore drastically reduce wear. Also when plunge-cutting timber, if you rock the multi-tool from side to side this prevents all teeth being in constant contact with the timber and reduces heat build-up, eliminating smoke and burning of the timber. Try it – you will notice a significant increase in your blade life.



The new SMART® H85DB1 diamond blade is your perfect companion for tile and glass cutting!

Accurately and effectively cut ceramic and porcelain tile, glass and more. When cutting grade 5 porcelain (the hardest grade in the PEI grading system), keep the blade wet – this will increase the blade life and cutting time.

N.B: Don’t expect high speed cutting! Your multi-tool with the SMART® H85DB1 is designed for detail cutting such as cut outs for light switches or electrical sockets.


Get the most out of your sanding accessories.


When using your multi-tool as a sander, never put pressure on the pad, and always hold flush with the surface you are working on. Don’t be tempted to press on your sander to make it work faster, put a more aggressive grit sandpaper on your multi-tool! This will avoid excessive heat buildup, which causes the sanding pad edges to melt, and will make both your sanding pad and your sandpaper last longer.

SMART® offers both a 82mm triangle and 115mm diameter round sanding pad options, with sandpaper from 60 grit to 220 grit.

Sanding Sheet


Fang Assortment

Cutting hardwood?

It’s all too easy for blades to heat up and virtually end up smoking their way through hard wood. By using the SMART® heat treated blades, the teeth are already ‘pre-burnt’, which is a manufacturing process that involves the steel being heated until its red hot, then placed in cold water. This process extends the blade life exponentially.

The SMART® heat treated range includes the Fang blades, available in 35mm and 63mm widths, and have a cutting depth of 42mm. The Long Reach heat treated blade is 32mm wide and cuts 67mm deep, incidentally the longest multi-tool blade on the market.


A common question….Why is the NAIL BUSTER EXTREME® so effective?

Nail Buster Assort.

The answer is simple!

The SMART® Titanium enhanced NailBuster® Extreme blades have a superior lifespan due to the titanium coating, which reduces friction and heat buildup, and therefore in turn makes the blade run cooler, extending its life as long as possible. The NailBuster® extreme blades are 55mm long, and are available in 32mm and 44mm widths. Single, 3 piece pack and 10 piece packs are available.

SMART® tip: when cutting nails with your NailBuster® Extreme blades treat them like you treat your hacksaw: spread the load across the blade, and don’t put un-necessary pressure on the tool – let your multi-tool do the work! This will also extend the life of your blades as much as possible.