• The No. 1 Secret To Extending Your Multi-tool Blade Life January 14th 2017

    The best way to increase your blade life simply comes down to the way you use it. Whilst the oscillating action of the multi-tool creates a sawing action, the actual…

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  • SMART Tip – Cutting Porcelain November 18th 2014

    The new SMART® H85DB1 diamond blade is your perfect companion for tile and glass cutting! Accurately and effectively cut ceramic and porcelain tile, glass and more. When cutting grade 5…

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  • SMART Tip – Sanding October 21st 2014

    Get the most out of your sanding accessories. When using your multi-tool as a sander, never put pressure on the pad, and always hold flush with the surface you are…

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  • SMART Tip – Hardwood Blades October 21st 2014

    Cutting hardwood? It’s all too easy for blades to heat up and virtually end up smoking their way through hard wood. By using the SMART® heat treated blades, the teeth…

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  • SMART Tip – The Nail Buster Extreme October 13th 2014

    A common question….Why is the NAIL BUSTER EXTREME® so effective? The answer is simple! The SMART® Titanium enhanced NailBuster® Extreme blades have a superior lifespan due to the titanium coating,…

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