SMART® Professional Range

  • We’ve been digging….. November 2nd 2015

    The web marketing team at SMART have been going through all the design files, and whoa have they found some interesting stuff, videos, animations, old photos and much more. Check…

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  • TCT and HSS Planer blades are here! May 8th 2015

    You wanted it, we got it! The SMART Planer Blades* are here, SMART has now included a small but premium range of planer blades. SMART – “Best in Blades” continues…

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  • Cutting bamboo? Try our Japanese Tooth blades October 21st 2014

    Speed kills…….time, with the new SMART Japanese tooth blades. Renowned as being the fastest timber cutting blade around, the SMART® Precision blades will also cut MDF, particle board and bamboo…

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  • Deck repairs made easy! August 29th 2014

    SERIOUS DIY + SMART = JOB DONE! Murray Anderson a professional DIYer from way down in Timaru, situated on the beautiful coast on New Zealand’s South Island sent us this…

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  • SUMMER JOBS have just got easier….. August 25th 2014

    Of course you want more time on the beach, more time with your family but that summer job list isn’t disappearing……with SMART your job is easier. SMART has just released…

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  • The SMART® 075SB1 HSS blade is perfect for plasterboard cutting! December 12th 2013

    Over-estimated the size of the piece of plasterboard you need? No problem, using the 075SB1 blade, which has a cut thickness of approx. 0.5mm, just trim the excess plasterboard and…

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