Product Information

  • SMART Metal Buster Blade May 9th 2018

    One of our most POWERFUL blades, the tungsten carbide ‘Metal Buster‘ is the ultimate metal cutting multi-tool blade. The Metal Buster has a 35mm wide Tungsten Carbide Blade (the same…

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  • New Improved SMART 8 Piece Blade Kit April 9th 2018

    New Improved SMART 8 Piece Blade Kit (H8MAK) Our hugely popular and by far the best-selling blade kit on the market, the H8MAK has been improved! You will already have…

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  • Have you seen the next big thing? November 11th 2015

    What has 8 fantastic blades, and heavy duty carry case and is extremely cost effective? The all NEW H8PRO  8 piece Multi-tool Blade kit! Now available at a hardware store…

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  • We’ve been digging….. November 2nd 2015

    The web marketing team at SMART have been going through all the design files, and whoa have they found some interesting stuff, videos, animations, old photos and much more. Check…

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  • The METAL BUSTER is here….. July 13th 2015

    Meet the ultimate metal cutting multi-tool blade – the tungsten carbide MetalBuster®! The new SMART MetalBuster is 35mm wide and is available now with the ‘open back’ design fitting, making it…

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  • We all want to win….. June 12th 2015

    Whether we are salesman winning sales, a tradesman successfully completing another project or a DIYer victoriously completing yet another weekend task, we all like to win! SMART continues with its…

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