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  • How to effectively reposition a stud wall August 4th 2020

    How many times have you built stud partitioning with the doors where the drawing says to put the doors and your customer wants to reposition the door even though their…

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  • Top 5 multi-tool blade sets August 3rd 2020

    Multi-tools are one of the most popular power tools on the construction site, due to the wide range of applications they can be used to tackle. Whether you’re looking to…

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  • How to cut a bridle cut joint with a multi-tool July 30th 2020

    Bridle joints, also referred to as a T-bridle joint provide structural strength and offer a unique look on frames and corners. This makes bridle joints ideal for chairs and bench…

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  • How to cut an intricate notch in wood July 22nd 2020

    Cutting notches in wood is considered to be an essential skill every woodworker should know. Whether you’re notching for decoration or to create a joint between two pieces of wood,…

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  • How to sand large surface areas fast July 16th 2020

    Sanding is often described as one of the least enjoyable tasks because of the time it takes. But this dusty, tedious task has a big payoff when it’s done well….

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  • How to stay safe on site July 16th 2020

    A lot has changed over the past few months and as more tradespeople return to work, it is of paramount importance to stay safe on site. Setting strong guidelines and…

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