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  • Remove screws with a multi-tool March 24th 2020

    Have you ever had the task of removing screws and experienced the one screw that seems impossible to remove? And no matter how much you try it’s just not coming…

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  • How to remove bolts with the ‘Metal Buster’ March 12th 2020

      When it comes to cutting metal, most of us think of the good old-fashion hacksaw or huge circular saws with sparks flying from it. Although there’s nothing wrong with…

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  • How to cut insulation boards with an ‘Insulation Buster’ March 4th 2020

    Insulation boards are typically an excellent material to work with. Superb for insulating walls, floors and roofs with an array of varieties and thicknesses to suit. However, when it comes…

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  • Top tips to eating healthily on site February 19th 2020

      The trade industry can be a physically demanding one. You’re grafting for 8, 10, even 12 hours a day with little sleep because the majority of your days are…

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  • How to use a square box cutter February 17th 2020

    Cutting holes for electrical boxes can be a frustrating job if you don’t have the proper tools to do it. Cut the hole too small and you have to recut…

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  • Reasons to love SMART February 14th 2020

    Love is in the air, the petrol stations are flooded with red roses and you’ve had an increase in bookings from women, which can only mean one thing…Valentine’s Day. The…

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