How to cut nails with a multi-tool to prevent injuries

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Health and safety is a priority for most sectors, but for the construction industry it is fundamental. From operating dangerous machinery to working from heights, tradespeople face many hazards on a day-to-day basis that can easily cause injuries without taking the right precautions.

One of the most common injuries tradespeople experience on site is stepping on nails which is usually caused by nails sticking out of waste materials. For this reason, we wanted to share a useful way to de-nail waste to prevent injuries using the 63mm Purple Series multi-tool blade.

What is the 63mm Purple Series blade?

The 63mm Purple Series blade is a multi-tool accessory designed for cutting wood, nails, and non-ferrous metals. Part of the award-winning range, this blade is available as a Universal fitment and is suitable for most brands of multi-tool. Offering universal cutting up to 42mm deep, this blade is recognised as a ‘safe’ option for cutting timber with hidden nails. For example, when you’re faced with a timber cutting scenario where you’re unsure the timber is nail infested, a standard wood blade would break instantly when it meets a nail or screw.

At the same time, the SMART Purple Series blade is equally as effective at cutting through timber as it is nails. This means that you can go about your timber cutting with the confidence that if you were to hit a nail, the blade will power on through with damaging the blade.

P63TN1 Cutting Nails

What if I don’t own a multi-tool?

Whilst we are not suggesting you should buy a multi-tool for this scenario, it’s a great option when using the right blade if you own one. However, if you don’t own a multi-tool a couple of common budget tools to use are hammers and pliers. As most tradespeople will have these in their toolboxes already, it makes them a very common go-to tool. However, they’re not always ideal, particularly if you’re faced with several nails or more.

This is because manually removing nails with a hammer or pliers can be a very repetitive and labour-intensive process. Whereas a multi-tool with the right blade will power on through with very minimal effort required.

For maximum speed a multi-tool with the SMART Purple Series blade will quickly and effectively smash through nails in much less time compared to manually pulling them out. Plus, a multi-tool will easily reach nails that you can’t access, such as in tight spaces, making this an ideal and convenient tool.

How to remove nails with a multi-tool

  1. Wear appropriate safety clothing

Select a pair of well-fitted gloves and protective eyewear to prevent injuries whilst cutting the nails.

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

Once you’re ready to remove the nails, attach the SMART 63mm Purple Series blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Cut the nails

Using a hack saw motion, cut the nails and ensure you are continuously moving the blade side to side. The hack saw motion is the best way to increase the life of the blade as it helps to spread the load across the teeth, therefore reducing friction. Otherwise, your blade will rapidly wear down as only a few teeth will be doing the work.

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