101 Uses of a Multi-Tool: September Recap

After a brief break, the 101 Uses of a Multi-Tool videos have returned with a brand-new series, and we’ve taken it on tour! The latest series follows Robin Clevett on site where he continues to demonstrate the versatility of the multi-tool, accomplishing numerous tasks that would be difficult and time consuming to achieve with other tools.

If you haven’t caught up on the latest episodes, fear not as we’ve provided a roundup of September’s episodes.

1. Removing plastic facia and soffit boards

The latest season kicked off with Robin needing to remove a section of plastic facia and soffit board to gain access to an area of the wall. By using the SMART 32mm Japanese Tooth blade, designed for plastic and wood, Robin was able to cut out the required section quickly and easily in situ whilst keeping the gutter intact.

2. Gaining access behind a wall

Due to the void being completely sealed up, Robin needed to cut an access hole in plasterboard wall to check the condition of the insulation and to allow the electrician to make some alterations. As a result, Robin used the 63mm Fine Tooth blade which is ideal for plasterboard cuts and general timber cutting. The smaller tooth design provides a fast cut with a neater finish compared to the Japanese Tooth blade, offering very controlled cuts which is ideal for when you don’t know what’s behind the wall!

3. Removing Screws with a multi-tool

Robin is on site carefully stripping out a kitchen which is intended to be used again later down the line. However, a panel from the integrated fridge and freezer is blocking access to a couple of screws and a multi-tool blade is perfect for this situation. Therefore, Robin uses the 44mm Purple Series blade to tackle through hard steel screws.

Part of the award-winning Purple Series range, this blade is designed for fast and precise cuts in timber, copper pipes, nails and screws. This blade is coupled with a high-grade titanium coating which reduces the heat build-up, therefore protecting the blade when cutting through tougher materials. So, when you’re faced with hard steel screws, you can cut with the confidence that this blade will not burn out quickly.

4. Cutting an access hole in the floor

An existing floor construction requires some investigation work and the only way to do that is to cut through the flooring. By using the 90mm Purple Series Segment blade, Robin easily cuts through the wood flooring with causing too much damage. Designed for long cuts installing flooring, this blade is perfect for scenarios like this.

Head over to our YouTube channel for the latest episodes and to watch the full series.

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