Cutting Drywall: Box Cutter vs Drywall Saw

Cutting out and fitting socket boxes is a daily job for a sparky. So, it makes sense to use top quality tools to achieve the perfect cut every time. While there are plenty of tools on the market to do the job, how can you tell the amazing from the mediocre? For this reason, we put two tools to the test to analyse the speed and performance between the two.

Drywall Saw

A common tool to use in these scenarios are Drywall Saws. These are somewhat effective; they can be time consuming and can sometimes be inaccurate. For example, a standard Drywall Saw will achieve far less neater cuts which can damage the surrounding area if the edges are too ragged. Plus, Drywall Saws can be fiddly to manoeuvre which doesn’t provide much control. Therefore, greatly increasing the risk of cutting oversized holes.

Box Cutter

This where the SMART Box Cutter comes into its own. Designed to cut out single socket boxes in plasterboard, the Box Cutter is the ultimate multi-tool accessory for cutting out single socket boxes in plasterboard. With very minimal effort, the SMART Box Cutter provides clean and precise cuts, even in confined spaces.

The Ultimate Test

The Box Cutter battled it out against the Drywall Saw and the champion was clear. We used a single sheet of plasterboard to cut out two sockets, one using the Box Cutter and the other using a Drywall Saw.

Overall, the speed of the Box Cutter was phenomenal in comparison to the Drywall Saw and delivered an exceptionally clean and precise cut. Although the Dry Wall Saw did effectively cut an access hole, it required a lot more time to ensure a controlled and accurate cut. However, thanks to the multi-tool the Box Cutter was able to rapidly plunge straight into the plasterboard, perfect for achieving fast and accurate cuts.

Although the Box Cutter may only cut a single hole, it’s just as effective for cutting double or triple holes. Simply line the box cutter next to the single hole and cut again to achieve your desired.

The 75mm Box Cutter is part of the Trade Range, guaranteed to offer you great value for money and impressive cutting performance. The range extends to offer a complete multi-tool solution, with just about every type of blade and accessory for the multi-tool!

Amongst the range are a number of SMART innovations and award-winning timber blades to ensure no matter what your trade, you can always work SMARTer not harder!

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