How to remove grout between small tiles

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Whether you’re looking to replace a tile or regrout your tile, removing the grout first is a necessary step. However, when you are working with small tiles with narrow grout lines, using a traditional angle grinder can be challenging to work with.

Surprisingly, a lot of tradespeople are still unaware that you can use a multi-tool to effectively remove grout. For this reason, we wanted to share how to remove grout between small tiles with a multi-tool using the Diamond Segment blade.

What is the Diamond Segment blade?

The Diamond Segment blade is a diamond embedded grout removal blade designed to remove grout, porous concrete and masonry. This blade provides a huge amount of durability and makes removing large amounts of grout a dream. Therefore, making this the ideal blade for bathroom or kitchen refurbs.

However, if your renovation project requires extra work, SMART also offers a 4 Piece Tiler’s Kit. This kit provides all the accessories you need for decorating or grout and adhesive removal. Including three different styles of carbide blades, plus a rigid scraper blade designed to remove floor coverings, silicone, soft compounds and left over adhesive. This kit is perfect for any tiler, decorator or bathroom/kitchen fitter.

Grout removal between small tiles

What if I don’t have a multi-tool

Angle grinders are a common tool tradespeople would use to cut through grout lines. They’re powerful and are very well suited for large projects. However, the main downside with angle grinders is the excessive amount of dust they produce. So, unless you are working outdoors or want to spend time cleaning, you may want to avoid this tool.

Another common tool are grout rakes. While these are effective in narrow grout lines, they’re only suitable for small projects. So, when it comes to removing grout in large areas, expect the job to be long, hard and tedious.

However, a multi-tool is by far the easiest way to quickly remove large areas of grout. In particular, when using the Diamond Segment blade as it’s incredibly useful for making a perfect job of removing grout without damaging the tiles. Plus, the shape of the blade allows you to effectively fit into tight corners that would typically be challenging.

Therefore, purchasing a multi-tool is well worth the cost as you will make the job far easier. Armed with the Diamond Segment blade you will achieve clean, professional results exceptionally fast.

How to remove grout with a multi-tool

  1. Attach the blade

Once you are ready to remove the grout, attach the Diamond Segment blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Attack the grout

Position in the blade in the grout line and lightly press the blade to the grout. Allow the multi-tool to do the work as forcing it can damage the blade and tiles.

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