How to chase breeze block for a socket box

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Breeze blocks are widely used for building foundations and walls because of their durability and resistance to moisture. However, their durability can make them difficult to cut through safely, so it pays to use a high-quality tool to get the job done effectively. So, when you need to cut out for a socket box, SMART have the perfect tool for the job that will get the job done quickly and safely. Introducing the 62mm Extreme Diamond blade.

What is the 62mm Extreme Diamond blade?

The 62mm Extreme Diamond blade is an extra long-life multi-tool accessory designed to cut through a range of materials. Including brick, mortar, plaster and porous concrete. Plus, it’s excellent for grout removal and detailed chasing out for cables and socket boxes. So, when you need to chase out for socket boxes in breeze blocks, this blade will instantly plunge into the material without creating too much dust. The Extreme Diamond blade is an incredibly versatile blade, whether you are sparky, a chippy or a plumber this blade is perfect for all trades.

Chase socket box

How to chase out for socket boxes in breeze blocks

1. Decide socket box placement

 Firstly, work out where the socket box needs to be mounted. Please note if you are working on a new build you will need to follow the Part M Building Regulations guidelines to ensure the socket box is mounted at a sufficient height above the floor.

2. Mark placement

Use a spirit level the socket box to ensure it is level. Once you are happy with the placement, mark around the box along with where the wires will be placed underneath the box.

3. Chase out the socket box

Attach the Extreme Diamond blade to your multi-tool and begin to cut the notch.

Find your local SMART stockist today to get your hands on the Extreme Diamond blade.

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