How to remove grout between large tiles

remove grout between large tiles

When it comes to bathroom renovations, removing grout can be the hardest part of the job. For most tradespeople, much of their time and effort that goes into the renovation project is spent removing grout between tiles. In fact, this necessary step can take almost a whole day, depending on the room size. Until now as SMART have developed the Wavy Edged ‘Turbo’ Carbide Segment blade that quickly removes grout between tiles.

What is the Carbide Segment blade?

 The Carbide Segment blade is a multi-tool accessory designed to quickly and effectively remove grout between tiles. This blade provides a huge amount of durability and makes removing large amounts of grout a dream. With a large 90mm blade width, this blade is perfect for grout removal in wide joints without damaging the tiles. Plus, its serrated edge really helps when clearing out the grout, even when you are working flat on the floor.

However, if your renovation project requires extra work, SMART also offers a 4 Piece Tiler’s Kit. This kit provides all the accessories you need for decorating or grout and adhesive removal, is perfect for any tiler, decorator or bathroom/kitchen fitter. Included in this kit are three different styles of carbide blades, plus a rigid scraper blade designed to remove floor coverings, silicone, soft compounds and left over adhesive.

What if I don’t have a multi-tool

A multi-tool is by far the easiest way to quickly remove large areas of grout. While you can do this job manually with a grout rack, this is only effective for small areas due to its labour intensive and time-consuming process.

Therefore, purchasing a multi-tool is well worth the cost as you will make the job far easier. Armed with the Carbide Segment blade you will achieve clean, professional results exceptionally fast.

How to remove grout with a multi-tool

  1. Attach the blade

Once you are ready to remove the grout, attach the Carbide Segment blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Attack the grout

Begin by holding the tool horizontally (or vertically, in the case of vertical seams) and position in the blade in the grout line. Turn on the power and lightly press the blade to the grout. Allow the multi-tool to do the work as forcing it can damage the blade and tiles.

Check out our video below as we demonstrate how to remove grout between large tiles using the Carbide Segment Blade. Find your local SMART stockist today.

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