How to cut notches in sleepers with a multi-tool

Cutting wood sleepers

Oak sleepers are an excellent alternative to bricks or concrete for building retaining walls in your garden. Not only do they look appealing, they are a much more affordable option. However, oak sleepers usually require notching them around the flanges of the steel columns. So, using a high-quality tool is key to achieving a professional finish. Luckily, SMART have developed the 63mm Rapid Wood blade which is perfect for all notch cut scenarios.

What is the 63mm Rapid Wood blade?

The award-winning Rapid Wood blade is a brilliant tool for all wood cutting scenarios. Part of the ‘Rapid Wood’ blade range, this blade is designed to very quickly cut through timber, hardwoods and laminate flooring.

The design includes a curved tip to provide maximum accuracy, along with a unique SMARTCUT design. This allows you to cut faster, neater and deeper than any other wood blade on the market. Even through 2-inch pieces of timber! This also gives you a very smooth start without the directional pull of a standard wood blade. Therefore, increasing the accuracy of the cut.

Hardwood cutting tools

Chainsaws are generally a common tool to use when cutting sleepers. While they will effectively cut through oak and other hardwoods, they’re only effective for straight cuts. So, when you’re faced with notches to cut, a chainsaw would be rather challenging.

Alternatively, you could use standard hand tools such as handsaws to cut notches. But let’s face it, who wants to use a tool that’s more time consuming and requires far more physical labour? This is where the Rapid Wood blade comes into its own. With its ability to cut quickly, cleanly and accurately, this blade makes cuts in hardwoods a dream.

How do I use the Rapid Wood blade to cut notches in oak sleepers?

  1. Measure and mark your cut

Measure and mark the required cut on the sleeper. To ensure your sleepers are as tight as possible, be sure to measure everything twice as oak tends to shrink overtime.

  1. Cut the sleeper

With the Rapid Wood blade attached to your multi-tool, begin to cut the sleeper. This blade is perfectly suited to cut hardwood, so using the multi-tool at full speed is recommended.

See the Rapid Wood blade in action as we demonstrate how to cut notches in oak sleepers below. Find your local SMART stockist today.

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