SMART Stress Test: 250+ Nails

Renovation projects and dismantling a wooden structure often involves encountering nails that need removing. Especially if the wood is to be reused or salvaged. And the best way to solve this tough situation is to simply cut through the nail. While there are plenty of tools on the market that will cut through nails, most of them would be unsuited or awkward to use in a renovation projects that often present small or difficult to reach areas. However, one tool that is suited very well is the multi-tool so we put this to the test using our Purple Series Titanium Bi-metal blades and the results are impressive!

The Ultimate Stress Test

It’s very unlikely that you will need to cut through 250+ nails in one go, but it’s good to know you’re using a tool that can. For this reason, we put the SMART 63mm Purple Series blade to the test and clearly, 250 nails weren’t its limit. Watch the video below to see this blade in action.

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Having successfully cut through 250 nails in under 7 minutes, this experiment clearly shows the power of the 63mm Purple Series blade in comparison to similar tools on the market. It’s no wonder why this is an award-winning blade! So, if you’re looking for an affordable but effective tool that will quickly destroy nails, this SMART blade is perfect for the job.

What is the 63mm Purple Series blade?

The 63mm Purple Series blade is a multi-tool accessory designed for cutting wood, nails and non-ferrous metals. This blade offers universal cutting up to 42mm deep and is recognised as a ‘safe’ option for cutting timber with hidden nails. So, when you’re faced with a timber cutting scenario where you’re unsure the timber is nail infested, a standard wood blade would break instantly when it’s come into contact with a screw or nail.

However, this blade is equally as effective at cutting through timber as it is cutting through nails. This means that you can go about your timber cutting with the confidence that if you were to hit a nail, it’ll power on through without damaging the blade.

SMART 63mm Purple Series blade cutting nails

Top tip: Give your blade additional life when cutting nails and steel by reducing the speed by 2 settings, while moving the blade side to side in a hack saw motion. This will help to spread the load across the teeth which will reduce the friction and wear.

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