How to make a small corner cut in tiles with a multi-tool

Small corner cuts in tiles

When you’re cutting tiles, it helps to have the right tools. Most tile jobs include at least one area where a tile must be cut in the corner to fit around an obstacle. Sometimes, this requires cutting a very small and detailed cut in the tile which can be challenging with a standard tile saw. However, there are much easier ways to make your detailed cuts in tiles using the SMART 85mm Super Thin Diamond Embedded Segment blade.

What is the 85mm Diamond Segment blade?

Part of the trade range, the SMART 85mm Diamond Segment blade is the ultimate tool for all bathroom renovation jobs. This blade is ideal for grout removal and excellent for cutting or grinding tiles and masonry. In particular, those detailed and intricate cuts in tiles that is typically a struggle with standard tile saws. With a 1.2mm blade thickness, this blade offers clean and precise cuts in ceramic tiles without chips.

Tools to cut tiles

One of the most common tools for cutting tiles are tile nippers which are often used to make irregular cuts, notches or tiny cut outs. Their relatively cheap price also makes them a popular choice when on a budget. However, unlike the SMART 85mm Super Thin Diamond Embedded Segment blade, tile nippers don’t produce the cleanest of cuts, so further polishing up is required.

In addition, a tile saw is another effective tool for tile cutting. While they may be able to slice through a variety of tiles quickly, they’re more ideal for longer cuts or for trimming off tiles. So, for scenarios where you need to cut a small corner off a tile, a tile saw will make this job particularly fiddly and tricky.

Nevertheless, the SMART 85mm Super Thin Diamond Embedded Segment blade will instantly turn your multi-tool into an effective saw and grinder. Whilst we don’t recommend using this blade for longer cuts in tiles, it is however an incredibly effective tool at cutting small and detailed cuts that you can’t achieve with a tile saw or angle grinder.

How to cut the corner of a tile

  1. Measure and mark your cut

 Measure your required cut and mark using a marker pen or crayon.

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

When you’re ready to make your cut, attach the SMART 85mm Super Thin Diamond Embedded Segment blade to your multi-tool. It’s always ideal to wear safety googles just in case any shards break off the tile.

  1. Cut the tile

 Lay the tile on the edge of your work surface and begin to cut the tile.

 See the Super Thin Diamond Embedded Segment blade in action we demonstrate how to cut a corner of a tile. Find your local SMART stockist today.

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