How to remove expanding foam with a multi-tool

Remove expanding foam

Expanding foam is a fast and effective way to fill unwanted gaps. While it’s simple to apply, removing the foam once it has expanded can be difficult. No matter how careful you are when applying expanding foam, it always finds its way onto surfaces it’s not supposed to. Luckily, SMART have developed the Flexible Scraper blade that’s ideal for removing expanding foam.

What is the Flexible Scraper blade?

The Flexible Scraper blade is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed for a wide range of uses. With expanding foam removal being one of them, this blade can be used for this application very effectively. Whether you need to trim expanding foam around door frames or firebreaks, the flexible scraper blade is the perfect tool. Particularly when you’re faced with hard to reach areas. And the best thing about this blade is it creates zero dust! For this reason, the Flexible Scraper blade has become a firm favourite for tradespeople when faced with expanding foam scenarios.

Tradespeople generally soak the foam in acetone which helps to lift up the foam from the surface. Alternatively, you can also sand off the foam, but the biggest problem you’ll face is the large quantity of dust that will accumulate. Not the mention the amount of elbow grease that’s required. While these are both effective methods, they’re only really ideal when dealing with smaller amounts foam. So, when you’re faced with a hard to reach area, these methods will be challenging as they require you to work fairly vigorously to remove to foam.

However, the Flexible Scraper blade is the simplest solution, particularly in those hard to reach areas. With only a very minimal amount of effort required, this blade will plunge cut and slice through the foam fast and effectively without the need to use additional tools and chemicals.

How to cut expanding foam

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

 Once you’re ready to remove the foam, attach the Flexible Scraper blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Cut through the foam

 Begin to cut through the foam at a medium speed and continue cutting until the foam has fully removed.

Watch our video below as we demonstrate how to cut through expanding foam with the Flexible Scraper blade. Find your local SMART stockist today!

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