How to remove carpet tiles with a multi-tool

Carpet Tiles

Carpet is one of the most popular installations for commercial and residential buildings. But they are also one of the trickiest to replace when disaster strikes. Whether you’ve had a big spill, or the carpet has worn in certain areas, you just can’t cut that area out and replace it without replacing the whole carpet.

For this reason, carpet tiles have become a very popular choice of installation. They’re durable, cost effective and easily replaced. Let’s face it life happens; things are going to spill on the carpet and you’re going to have very specific traffic areas. However, carpet tiles are generally well stuck down and they can be a challenge to remove. Some carpet tiles may have been installed with their own self-adhesive, while others are installed with sticky carpet glue. Fortunately, SMART have developed the Rigid Scraper blade which is perfect for removing carpet tiles that have been well stuck down.

What is the Rigid Scraper blade?

The Rigid Scraper Blade is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed for a range of uses. With carpet tile removal being just one use, this versatile blade removes carpet tiles fast and effectively without affecting surrounding tiles. For example, when you’re faced with a scenario where you need to remove a tile in the middle of the floor without removing the surrounding tiles, the rigid scraper blade provides ultimate control.

A common trick tradespeople do when removing carpet tiles is to use a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. While this is an effective, it can be a tedious step. Particular for those stubborn tiles! However, the rigid scraper blade will glide through the adhesive like a knife through butter, allowing you to do the job in half the time.

How to remove carpet tiles

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

Attach the SMART rigid scraper blade to your multi-tool. 

  1. Lift up the corner

Look for a corner of a carpet tile that may have lifted up over time. Alternatively, if you can’t locate a lifted corner, use a putty knife to go between the seams of two tiles and slide the knife under the corner of the tile to pry it up.

  1. Remove the tile

Slide the blade under the lifted corner and with minimal pressure, glide the blade across until the tile has fully removed.

Check out our video below to see the rigid scraper blade in action. Find your local SMART stockist today.

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