How to cut skirting for wood flooring

Rapid Wood blade cutting skirting

Trimming skirting and architraves for new hardwood flooring is an absolute classic use for multi-tools. Using a multi-tool is the quickest and easiest way to trim skirting boards to achieve flawless flooring. However, some people tend to cut corners by laying beading to cover up the messy finish. By doing this you’ll instantly turn a beautiful flooring into an awful one. Fortunately, SMART have developed the Rapid Wood Blade which is the ideal tool for cutting skirting and architraves.

What is the Rapid Wood Blade?

The Rapid Wood Blade is an award-winning multi-tool blade designed to cut timber, hardwoods and laminate flooring. This blade will cut faster, neater and deeper than any other wood blade. Plus, its curved tooth design provides maximum precision when starting a cut. With a 63mm blade that has a blade depth of 51mm, this blade will make light work of cutting through 2” timber.

This popular blade was put to the test by Tibby Singh, BBC’s Carpenter of the Year.

Tibby said “When I did try them, I must say that the blades do consistently go through wood with ease. This performance can be achieved continuously due to the HCS (High Carbon Steel) giving the blades good wear resistance.”

Read Tibby’s full review of the Rapid Wood Blade.

How to cut skirting with the Rapid Wood Blade

  1. Line the flooring against the skirting

Line the flooring upside down and flat against the skirting to use as a guide. Ideally you want to use off cut flooring to prevent any scratches and damage when making the undercut. If you don’t have an off cut, simply place your flooring upside down.

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

When you’re ready to make your cut, attach the Rapid Wood Blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Make your cut

Come in at an angle and begin to cut along the length of the skirting board. Cutting at the angle rather than continuously plunge cutting at a straight angle will achieve a faster cut and will clear any debris that’s in front of the blade. Plus, it will reduce the amount of heat created on the front edge of the blade, therefore prolonging the life of the blade.

Check out our video below as we demonstrate how to cut skirting boards using the Rapid Wood Blade. Click here to find your local stockist.

Video not playing? Click here to view.

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