How to cut cement board with a multi-tool

Cement board

Cement board is a strong, convenient material that’s ideal for tiling, flooring and increasingly, external wall covering in view of rendering over too!  However, its strength and durability can make cutting this material difficult and frustrating. Without the right tool you can easily damage the board, your blades and your patience! For this reason, SMART have developed a multi-tool accessory known as the ‘Metal Buster’ that actually makes light work of cutting this tough material.

What is the ‘Metal Buster blade?

The Metal Buster is an extremely versatile innovation developed by SMART. This blade was originally designed to cut metal studs and bolts but has recently found a whole new market with the discovery that it is actually very effective at cutting cement board. Featuring a 35mm and 46mm depth.  This blade is ideal in scenarios where small, angled or corner cuts are required.

Small cuts in cement board

When you need to make small angled cuts in cement board you would generally use the score and snap method using a utility knife or a carbide cutter. Although this creates minimal dust, this method is only effective for boards less than a quarter inch thick. Even then you risk snapping the board in all the wrong places! So, when you’re faced with 12mm Cement board, this is almost impossible, and you need a strong, powerful tool.

There are a number of blades on the market that are designed for cutting cement board, with the blades for a circular saw being the most popular, and best way of cutting long straight lines, however these are certainly not the best option for a curved cut, or if you need to plunge cut in the middle of a board.

This is where the ‘Metal Buster’ blade really comes into its own. The ‘Metal Buster’ blade is a highly recommended tool in scenarios where a large circular saw isn’t possible. Although the blade itself is small, it has a cutting speed far greater than a jigsaw and its size allows for clean, accurate, detailed cuts.

How to cut cement board using the ‘Metal Buster’ blade

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

When you’re ready to use your multi-tool, attach the ‘Metal Buster’ blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Begin cutting the board

On a medium speed, begin to cut the cement board. We recommend tilting the blade when making the first initial cut and gradually level out the blade, as demonstrated in our video below. This is because it helps to spread the load across the teeth and reduces the friction and wear. 

Check out our video below as we demonstrate how to cut cement board using the ‘Metal Buster’ blade. Click here to find your local stockist.

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