How to remove silicone sealant with a multi-tool

Removing silicone sealant with a multi-tool

Over time, silicone sealant around tiling, baths and sinks can often become mouldy and ineffective. Particularly if the sealant is damaged or worn away and water gets in. So, it helps to replace it every once in a while. But removing it isn’t as simple as it may seem and can be time consuming with traditional tools. But struggle no more, as SMART have developed the perfect silicone removal solution known as the Wide Scraper SMART blade.

What is the Wide Scraper Blade?

The Wide Scraper Blade is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed for removing silicone and large areas of floor and wall coverings, such as carpet, floor tiles and lino flooring. With a 67mm blade, this tool has a large surface area which is ideal for quick and effective removal of all soft compounds. Plus, this blade is highly practical as it fits most brands of multi-tools.

Tools for silicone removal

Chisels and Stanley knives are generally common tools for silicone removal. Although they’re effective, they’re not always ideal as you can easily scratch or damage the surface that you are removing the silicone from. In most cases using these tools will leave you with strands of silicone which will require extra tedious work to remove them.

You can also apply removal gel that breaks down the silicone to make scraping off easier.  But again, this isn’t as effective for fully removing silicone as you’ll often be left with chunks of stubborn silicone. Therefore, a sufficient amount of elbow grease and time is required.

However, the SMART Wide Scraper blade can quickly remove silicone with ease without leaving any leftover pieces and damaging the surrounding area. This blade is ideal for all tradespeople and DIYers who are looking for a simple, safe and less tiring solution to removing silicone.

How do I use the Wide Scraper Blade for silicone removal?

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

When you’re ready to start removing the silicone, attach the Wide Scraper blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Begin removing the silicone

On a medium speed, start by running the blade across the bottom of the silicone, followed by the top. Continue to run the blade across until the silicone has fully removed.

Check out our video below as we demonstrate how to remove silicone with the Wide Scraper blade. Click here to find your local stockist.

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