How to undercut a door frame

Undercut door frame

When it comes to installing wood and laminate flooring around door frames, the method you use can either make or break your flooring installation. If you want to achieve a seamless look, the best method is to undercut the door frame. Undercutting allows the flooring to slip underneath which makes for a clean and professional, look.

A lot of the time people will try to scribe out the wood to try to get it to fit around the door frame. This causes an unpleasant gap between the door frame and flooring. By cutting corners like this, you’ll instantly turn a beautiful flooring into an awful one.

For this reason, SMART have the perfect multi-tool accessory to help you achieve the perfect finish around door frames. Look no further than the 63mm Japanese Tooth SMART blade.

What is the Japanese Tooth blade?

The Japanese Tooth blade is designed to cut a range of materials, including wood, timber overlay flooring and plastic. This blade features a 63mm blade that allows for universal cutting up to 42mm deep.

If you don’t own a multi-tool and are looking for a cheaper alternative, a hand saw is another option. Although this is still effective way to undercut a door frame, you’ll achieve far less neat cuts and it’ll be much more time consuming. Particularly when you have several door frames to undercut.

In comparison, a multi-tool equipped with the Japanese Tooth blade is an ideal, and easy solution for neat under cuts. Thanks to its large tooth style, this blade offers faster and cleaner cuts than any other standard hand tool.

How to make undercuts with the Japanese Tooth Blade

  1. Line the flooring against the door frame

Line your flooring upside down and flat against the door fame. Ideally you want to use off cut flooring to prevent any scratches and damage when making the undercut. If you don’t have an off cut, simply place your flooring upside down.

  1. Attach the blade to your multi-tool

When you’re ready to make your cut, attach the Japanese Tooth blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Make your cut

With your flooring positioned against the door frame, set the blade flat on the flooring and slide it directly into the door frame. Be sure not to tilt the blade back and forth as it can create an uneven cut. Your off cut is going to wobble around whilst the multi-tool is on. Use your fingers to stabilise the off cut while pressing gently against the saw.

Check out our video below as we demonstrate how to undercut a door lining frame with the Japanese Tooth blade. Click here to find your local SMART stockist.

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