How to cut nails with a multi-tool

Cut nails with a multi-tool

Renovation projects and dismantling a wooden structure often involves encountering nails that need removing. Especially if the wood is to be reused or salvaged. The best way to solve this tough situation is to simply cut through the nail. At the same time, renovation projects usually include unexpectedly coming into contact with nail infested timbers and we all know how fun that is! Let’s face it, how often have you damaged a blade while hitting an unexpected nail?

Although there are plenty of tools available that’ll cut through nails, most of them just can’t quite make the cut. For this reason, SMART have developed the 32mm Bi-Metal SMART Blade that’ll cut through nails quickly and easily without ruining the blade.

What is the 32mm Bi-Metal SMART Blade?

This is a SMART multi-tool blade that’s designed for cutting wood, nails and non-ferrous metals. This blade offers universal cutting up to 51mm deep and is recognised as a ‘safe’ option for cutting timber with hidden nails. So, when you’re faced with a timber cutting scenario where you’re unsure the timber is nail infested, a standard wood blade would break instantly when it’s come into contact with a screw or nail.

However, this blade is equally as effective at cutting through timber as it is cutting through nails. This means that you can go about your timber cutting with the confidence that if you were to hit a nail, it’ll power on through without damaging the blade.

Tradespeople will often work with awkward or hard to reach nails in renovation work and using a large metal saw isn’t always ideal. Nevertheless, the Bi-Metal SMART blade is small enough to fit through awkward spaces. Therefore, making this an effective tool for tradesmen who want to get the job done quickly.

How do I cut through nails?

  1. Attach and position

When you’re ready to use the multi-tool, attach the Bi-Metal SMART blade to your multi-tool. Position against the bottom of the nails with the blade sitting flat against the timber.

  1. Make the cut

Begin cutting through the bottom the nail. Ensure that you are continuously moving the blade side to side in a hack saw motion until the nail has fully removed. The hack saw motion is the best way to increase the life of your blade. This is because it helps to spread the load across the teeth and reduces the friction and wear. Otherwise your blade will rapidly wear down as only a few of the teeth will be doing the work.

Watch our video below to find out why the 32mm Bi-Metal SMART blade is effective for all nail removal scenarios. Click here to find your local stockist.

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