How to cut an access hole in plasterboard

Access hole in plasterboard

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a quick way of access behind a wall. Whether you’re trying to locate a leaking pipe or simply need to access wires in an existing stud wall. Gaining access to behind a wall requires cutting an access hole. This is usually achieved with a simple hand tool such as a drywall saw, or plasterboard saw. But, if you really want a fast, clean, neat cut with an easy repair, the Japanese Tooth blade is the perfect tool to use.

What is the Japanese Tooth blade?

SMART have developed a multi-tool accessory that makes cutting access holes a breeze. Known as the Japanese Tooth blade, this blade is designed to cut a range of materials, including wood, timber overlay flooring and plastic. However, cutting access holes is just one of the many uses of this versatile blade. The Japanese Tooth blade features a 63mm blade that allows for universal cutting up to 42mm deep. Along with a large tooth style which is designed for fast, clean cuts with minimal effort.

Although drywall saws are suitable for cutting access holes, their long narrow design could damage the plasterboard if used too vigorously. Or worse, accidentally cut through wires. They also require some muscle power and can be less durable, which can make cutting larger access holes challenging. In comparison to drywall saws, a multi-tool provides simplicity for fast, controlled and precise cuts as the tool will essentially do the work for you. Therefore, the Japanese Tooth blade is the ideal tool for when you need to gain access behind a wall quickly whilst preventing any damage to surrounding areas.

How do I cut an access hole?

  1. Mark your access hole

Use a pencil to mark the location of where you want to cut the access hole.

  1. Make the cut

When you’re ready to cut the access hole, attach the Japanese Tooth blade to your multi-tool and begin cutting around the outline you have marked. Make sure to apply minimal pressure throughout as this will prevent damage to the blade.

Watch our video below as we demonstrate cutting an access hole using the Japanese Tooth blade. Click here to find your local stockist.

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