How to cut circular holes through plasterboard

Multi-tool hole saw

There are lots of scenarios where cutting perfect circular holes in plasterboard is required. Whether you’re cutting holes for light fixtures, accommodating for drainage and waste pipes, or cutting holes for cables and wires. While these may sound like easy jobs, using the correct tool is essential to preventing common mishaps.

Hole Saws are generally the best tools to use in these scenarios as they cut through plasterboard quickly and smoothly with very minimal effort. One major downside to standard hole saws is their powerful high-speed blade rotation. Of course, this feature is definitely helpful in certain situations. But it can easily cause you to cut through hidden wires, leaving you with another problem on your hands. Luckily a new innovation from SMART can prevent this from happening, as they have developed a multi-tool hole saw that makes cutting clean and precise holes a simple, safe, easy task.

What is the SMART Hole Saw?

The SMART hole saw is a multi-tool accessory that’s designed to make quick, clean and precise circular holes through plasterboard. Available in 65mm and 76mm, the SMART hole saw offers controlled cuts to minimise potential damage to hidden wires. So, when you’re unaware of the wires behind the wall you’re about to make a hole in, you can be confident with the SMART hole saw you’ll achieve the perfect cut without damaging any hidden wires. This is due to the oscillating action of the multi-tool making it much less likely to cut through a wire. As well as the shallower depth of cut preventing you from even coming close to them. Another benefit of using this tool as opposed to a classic rotational hole saw is the ability to cut precise holes in confined spaces, such as narrow cupboards. Therefore, providing added versatility in what would usually be a tricky situation with a standard hole saw.

How do I use the SMART Hole Saw?

  1. Set up

Firstly, check your requirements and attach the correct size to your multi-tool.

  1. Make the cut

Holding the multi-tool with both hands, start your multi-tool and begin to make your cut. A moderate amount of pressure is required, so rather than forcing the hole saw, focus on keeping it level.

Check out our video below as we demonstrate how to cut a circular hole through plasterboard with the SMART Hole Saw. Click here to find your local stockist.

Video not loading? Click here to view.

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