Deep wood cutting with a multi-tool

Deep wood cutting

Whether you’re taking out sole plates or producing mortise and tenon joints, the phrase “right tool for the job” is very applicable when clean, accurate cuts are required. Naturally, there are a wide range of wood cutting tools on the market. But as long as you’re using the right tool, wood cutting can be achieved quickly and simply. With that in mind, SMART have developed the Rapid Wood blade for fast and effective wood cutting with a multi-tool.

What is the Rapid Wood Blade?

The award-winning Rapid Wood blade is a brilliant timber cutting multi-tool blade. Part of the ‘Rapid Wood’ blade range, this blade is designed for very quickly cutting through timber, much faster than a standard wood blade. The design includes a curved tip to provide maximum accuracy, along with a unique SMARTCUT design. This allows you to cut faster, neater and deeper than any other wood blade on the market. Even through 2-inch pieces of timber. This also gives you a very smooth start without the directional pull of a standard wood blade. Therefore, increasing the accuracy of the cut. Whether you’re cutting out old timbers, cutting intricate or long holes in wood flooring, this blade is the perfect tool for any timber cutting.

The Rapid Wood blade also features an extra depth cut. With a 67mm blade depth, these are one of the longest wood blades on the market and optimises the cutting depth and quality of the cut. For example, if you’re needing to take out roof joist and can only cut from one side, these will be deep enough to cut all the way through the joist. Usually in these scenarios you would use a rip saw. Although these are very fast and effective, they’re not ideal when a clean, accurate finish is required or when working in a confined space.

What are the alternatives to using a multi-tool?

Of course, there are a range of alternative wood cutting tools to use if you don’t have a multi-tool. But most of these come with limitations for when small, intricate cuts are required. For example, a circular saw is a large, powerful tool that’s great for long straight cuts. But its size is a major downside for when you need accurate, complex cuts. Plus, they generally leave a large gap where the blade cuts which can be hard to eliminate afterwards. Nevertheless, the Rapid Wood blade is just 0.6mm think which makes it an extremely effective tool for accurate and intricate cuts.

When you need to cut a mortise and tenon joint, hammer and chisel or a router cutter is generally a popular tool to use. However, these also come with a few limitations. For example, they’re not effective at cutting into corners due to its spinning drill-like action. Also, cutting through timber for carports can be challenging as these can be up to 100mm thick. Although you would need to cut through both sides of the timber in these scenarios with the Rapid Wood blade, this blade is the cheapest and most versatile option for tradespeople who need to do this quickly.

How do I cut wood using the Rapid Wood blade?

  1. Measure and mark

Measure and mark your cut to help you achieve a more precise cut.

  1. Cut your mark

When you’re ready to begin cutting, attach the Rapid Wood blade to your multi-tool and begin cutting. Be sure to allow the blade to do the work for you by applying minimal pressure.

Top tip: When plunge cutting into wood, try and make space for the blade to get rid of the waste by moving the blade side to side slightly to create a small amount of space either side of the hole. 

Check out our video below to see the Rapid wood blade in action and learn why this blade is a must have for your collection. Find your local stockist here.

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