How to remove grout with a multi-tool

Grout removal with a multi-tool

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen renovations, removing grout can be a tough, tedious chore. And for many trades people, much of the time and effort that goes into the renovation project is spent regrouting tiles. Depending on the room size, it can take almost a whole day removing old grout by hand. However, SMART have created a Carbide Segment blade that makes grout removal between tiles exceptionally quick, clean and easy.

What is a Carbide Segment blade?

Ideal for quick and effective grout removal between tiles, this SMART multi-tool accessory has a large blade width of 90mm. This provides a huge amount of durability and makes removing large amounts of grout a dream. If you’re looking for a tool that removes tiles without damage, this is the accessory you need.

However, if your renovation project requires a little bit more work, SMART also offers a 4 Piece Tiler’s Kit. Perfect for any tiler, decorator or bathroom/kitchen fitter, this kit provides all the accessories you need for decorating or grout and adhesive removal. Including three different styles of carbide blades, plus a rigid scraper blade that’s designed for removing floor coverings, silicone, soft compounds or left over adhesive.

How to remove grout with a multi-tool

  1. Attach and position

 When you’re ready to start using your multi-tool, attach the SMART Carbide Segment blade to your multi-tool.

  1. Begin the grout removal

Once your multi-tool is ready, begin to work the blade straight into the seam between the two tiles with a straight cut. When most of the grout is removed, begin to slowly angle the blade up and down to remove  all areas of grout from the seam. Be careful to work slowly to ensure damage the edge of the tiles is prevented.

Top tip: The best way to remove grout from tiles is to apply gentle pressure. Let your blade do most of the work to maximise blade performance.

To learn more about the SMART Carbide Segment blade and how this can make a significant difference to your projects, check out our video below.

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