Top tips to get prepared for the winter

With just two weeks to go until winter and reports suggesting that this will be the coldest November in the UK in over a decade (don’t they say this every year) its time to get prepared for the cold days. We understand that no one wants to lose out on potential dollar, but during the winter season tradies are losing out on hundreds of pounds every week because of the poor weather conditions and lack of daylight.

An average Tradie from a research study shows that you only make £249.28 a week in comparison to the summer when the average is £544.60. The winter costs the whole construction industry £265million a year through poor lighting (darker in the morning and earlier in the evenings), less staff (due to illness) and unworkable weather conditions.

To prevent you from missing out on jobs over the winter season here are our top tips to get prepared for the winter.

Changing Schedule

Winter darkness

      1. With shorter days during the winter months as the mornings are darker and the evenings get darker earlier you may need to reschedule your days for jobs or tasks to make the most out of the daylight. If your job requires working indoors and outside, then you may want to prioritise working indoors for the earlier and later parts of the day where you have good lighting. Therefore, this may help prevent risks of accidents in the darkness.
      2. Alternatively investing in suitable durable lighting that can be taken onto site may be advisable when you just need to get the job done. Even though, it is understandable that this may cause additional problems like being demotivated to work, as working in the dark can make it seem its night time and we just want to be at home.

Right clothing

      1. Getting the right clothes for the winter will save you from potentially causing accidents, getting ill, and having to miss out on days of work. If you are working outside for many hours a day during the winter season, it is essential that you insulate yourself.
      2. Making sure you have the appropriate safety clothes is vital to prevent injuring yourself or others, for example, anti-slip gloves and sturdy boots which have plenty of grip for the wet or icy surfaces.
      3. Here are a few clothing brands we would recommend that you look into to give you extra warmth.

Vehicle prepared

Make sure you can see

      1. Your vehicle is what gets you to these jobs besides your motivation to get up in the morning. Checking that your vehicle meets the right needs to be prepared for the cold weather is essential. The last thing you want to happen is your vehicle packing up in a snow storm.
      2. To prevent any issues with your vehicle, making sure your electrical appliances inside the vehicle are working, lightbulbs and car battery etc. Having items inside the car such as de-icers, ice scrapers to help you get going.

Extra supplies

Winter snacking bag

      1. Although I am sure there isn’t a Maccies too far, having spare food like a packet of crisps or chocolate bar and water easily accessible in the car can be important as If you are stuck in your vehicle in the potential horrendous weather this could save you from turning into a diva.
      2. Keeping a handy bag full of back up equipment that could help you in a situation where you could be stuck, for example; flashlights, rope, jumper cables and water. Additional clothing could be worthwhile like socks, jackets, jumpers and reflective clothing for these early dark hours is required.


    1. Making sure you are covered during the winter season is a must as there is an increased likelihood of being involved in an accident or injury. If the worst does happen, then your insurance will get you back to business soon as possible. Including Public liability insurance is vital to any tradesperson’s protection as if by accident you drop a tool though a customer’s window in the icy conditions then your public liability insurance will cover the customer’s compensation.


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