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Selecting the right blade for your multi-tool is not always straight forward, and there are factors you should consider before buying your multi-tool blades. Your multi-tool, otherwise known as an oscillating tool is one of the most versatile tools you could have giving you the ability to change attachments to suit a wide variety of jobs you wish to do.

The question you will ask yourself every time you see a multi-tool blade is that the best for the job (‘s) I need it for? We have compiled some factors you should consider before going ahead and purchasing your blades which could be costing you a hefty amount.

Firstly and probably one of the most important factors to consider is the fitment, is it a universal open-back, a Starlock, Starlock Plus or a Starlock Max. Getting the wrong fitment for your multi-tool could mean that those blades that look perfect for your job may not be compatible for your multi-tool, and therefore will not work.

Multi-tool fitments

We advise checking the packaging as it should tell you what multi-tools it should fit on. If it doesn’t, then you should ask an advisor or see our Blade Selector for guidance here. Secondly, to the fitment compatibility of the blade for your multi-tool, choosing the right design of the blade is highly essential too. You do not want to be buying a 63 mm blade to fit in a tight gap that is only suited for a 32 mm or smaller blade to get that precise, smooth cut.

Blades that have a “cut in” will give you more mobility and better control when plunging into timber as the longest part of the blade will not be touching the material each side after processing through the material, allowing you to manoeuvre your blade to suit the angle.

SMART Tool Group - Cut In

To have a purpose for the blade, or most common use of that blade before purchasing will give you context to what type of blade you will need to tackle that material.

For example, if you are tackling wood but often come across a number of nails and screws then you would be looking at SMART’s Purple Series blades which are ideal for dealing with these inconvenient issues, and the blade will continue to last longer than most blades as it has a titanium coating which prevents heat build-up protecting the teeth.

We offer three different range of blades which individually provide unique benefits to each blade which will be suited for your task (‘s). Visit our Blade Selector and choose what material you are looking to plunge, sand or cut through and it will find the best blades suited for that material. You do not want to be purchasing a brand-new set of blades and then come across a nail and it doesn’t even last, and then you need to buy a new blade costing you even more money.

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As simple as this sounds understanding the speeds of your multi-tool can help your blades and attachments last longer. For example; if you are sanding and you are looking to optimise the use of each sanding pad then working on a slow speed gives you a better finish which also doesn’t kill off a sanding pad within minutes.

The final factor which is important when purchasing anything is price. The question is, how much are you willing to pay to get the best multi-tool blade and how much damage is going to do to your pocket for the time you are going to be using the blades?

When purchasing blades you do not have to fork out loads as we tend only to buy what we can afford. However, we do need the blades to at least meet our minimum requirements to satisfy our needs. Therefore, it comes down to understanding what the blade can do and how regularly you will need the blade, and the factors listed above to determine your willingness to pay that amount for the blade (‘s).

If you need help picking the perfect blade for you multi-tool or for a job that you have in mind then we have a Blade Selector that is built to identify the most appropriate blade (‘s) for your task and material. It’s quick and easy to try here

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