Dominate metal with your multi-tool

Your multi-tool will cut through toughened metal with this incredible blade

The metal buster isn't afraid of Metal

Possibly the toughest multi-tool blade on the market, SMART’s ‘Metal Buster’ blade is the ultimate multi-tool blade for powering through the hardest metals.

The Metal Buster has a 35mm wide Tungsten Carbide Blade (the same material used in armour-piercing ammunition). Almost unbelievably the blade can cut through hardened screws and nails, stainless steel, cast iron, fiberglass, fibre cement products, and much more.

You can see this incredible blade in action with the video below:


With the familiar ‘open-back’ universal fitment the blade is compatible with all the most popular multi-tools on the market*

To ensure you get the longest life out of the blade, it’s recommended you use metal cutting blades in a hacksaw motion, rather than holding the blade in one position against the object being cut. This will spread the load across all the teeth and give your blade a longer life.

Go ahead, try the SMART® Metal Buster today, you will be impressed!

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(*Is not fit Starlock multi-tools)

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