Five reasons why learning a trade is the best career choice for you

Tradesmen in Demand

1. You’re in Demand

In the midst of BREXIT with indecisiveness over leaving or staying, you’d think it would create uncertainty in the job market. However, recent figures show an increase in the employment rate as more members of the public are now in jobs. Construction workers are among the top four industries rapidly increasing, with 175 new construction jobs created every day! 

2. Robotics aren’t coming for you today

In this century technology is becoming disruptive and is affecting our day-to-day lives including our jobs. Robotic inventions are increasing and are directly affecting most industries such as the Tech and Information industry. But one of the best things about a trade career move is that you cannot be outsourced! Therefore, the likelihood of a Robot taking over your plumbing job for your next-door neighbours is not going to happen any time soon. Just remember your Job will be more secure than the majority.

3. Cheaper to get qualified

University is on the minds of most young people when it comes to leaving college at the age of 18. But is it really worth the 50k+ debt you could be left with after 3 years? An alternative to going to University is going for an apprenticeship which is debt-free, and you can earn while you learn.

4. Work till Five gone by Four

Flexi-hours has got to be the best part of being in the trade industry. You can work to the hours that suit you if you own your own business or are just pursuing a passion. No doubt working your own hours will sound a lot better than a job where you work 50+ hours and travel great distances to sit at a desk all day. A trade career allows you to leave a name, a brand and an image to your family that you can be proud of, the sky is indeed the limit.

5. Dollar dollar bills

Obviously not dollars, but figures suggest that in the UK  being in a trade career pays big time!! In comparison to someone who is a dentist, you could easily earn £6k more a year and not have to think about paying that huge Uni debt back.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of your choice… being a plumber can’t be that bad surely 😉

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