Five things Tradesmen can relate to

Can you do me a favour…?

… and answer the door

Shockingly these statistics show the 61% of Tradesmen were asked to answer the door for their customers. You never know what to expect when opening the door and half the time the customers open the door themselves — got to add that to the quote!

Can you do it any Cheaper?

“No, I’m just trying to rip you off? I give an honest price, and the majority of my customers always say can you do it for any cheaper? I get it if you don’t ask you won’t know. But at the end of the day, if I go any cheaper, it just won’t be worth my time, and I will be losing money. I try to tell my customers that it is my best price and that they won’t get a better price anywhere else. 99.9% of the time the customers agree because they understand the hard work and labour Tradesmen put in. But if they do, I will alter it by lowering the prelims which are basically labour.”

Fixing a BAD Dodgy job

Customers be like…

A dodgy job us Tradesmen have to fix What have I got my self into?

When you get a call from a client and it sounds like a straight forward job over the phone, then to get there to realise its one of the worst DIY attempts of all time! Customers who attempt their own DIY put an extra £300 million in our pockets every year just to correct their mistakes. Sometimes it isn’t their fault and it’s the previous cowboy’s mistake which just makes you think you should have come to me first.

An easy way to get your way out of a bodge job is to fall back on your trusty multi-tool, especially with the diverse variety of accessories available to Tradesmen

It’s just a quick one…?

Friend’s think: Can you pop round after work for a few additional hours for free because I know you love to work, your day hasn’t been hard at all and have nothing else to do in your spare time? We understand you can do this for your friends now and then, but once you start the trend it can be a never-ending task. Some quick favour’s for free turn into a longer commitment than marriage, then you realise you don’t have the time to get any paid work done.

This just goes beyond mates’ rates!

Early finishes on a Friday

Tradesmen Drinking Friends Assemble

We all love an early finish on a Friday, especially after a hard day’s work. You work hard for those pennies. All that hard labour early starts, helping out others, playing pranks on the newbies and skills shot videos is hard work. An early finish is at the minimal of what you deserve, get drinking straight away with your pals.

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Let us know Tradesmen…

If you can relate to these five points?

Or if you have any other scenarios that happen to you often?

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