SMART Tip – The Nail Buster Extreme

A common question….Why is the NAIL BUSTER EXTREME® so effective?

The answer is simple!

The SMART® Titanium enhanced NailBuster® Extreme blades have a superior lifespan due to the titanium coating, which reduces friction and heat buildup, and therefore in turn makes the blade run cooler, extending its life as long as possible. The NailBuster® extreme blades are 55mm long, and are available in 32mm and 44mm widths. Single, 3 piece pack and 10 piece packs are available.

SMART® tip: when cutting nails with your NailBuster® Extreme blades treat them like you treat your hacksaw: spread the load across the blade, and don’t put un-necessary pressure on the tool – let your multi-tool do the work! This will also extend the life of your blades as much as possible.

Nail Buster Assort.


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