7 Piece Purple Series Ultimate Titanium Alloy Bi-metal SMART Blade Set

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Great value pack with one each of the most popular Purple Series blades.

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P7MAX 7 Piece Purple Series Ultimate Titanium Alloy Bi-metal SMART Blade Set 7pc Kit

The award winning range of Purple Series SMART blades have been specifically designed to give the very best, all round, long-life cut. The toothing has been designed to give a very good cut in timber (what 95% of users are wanting to cut!) but this has then been coupled with a high grade Titanium coating to reduce the heat build up and protect the blade when cutting through nails, copper pipes, even screws! By protecting the blade when cutting tougher materials, the sharpness of the tooth is maintained and you are not only able to cut through tought metal than any other Bi-Metal blade, but also continue cutting timber, clean and fast, as you have not burnt out the teeth cutting through the nails/screws! That is why we believe the Purple Series are truly the: Simply the best blade solution! (A great timber blade AND a long-life Bi-Metal blade!)

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  • Applications Avaa Sulje

    Timber with nails, Stainless steel screws, Gypsum Board, Fibreglass, Window putty, Plastics, Carbon Fibre, Non-ferrous metals e.g; copper and aluminium

  • Smart Tips Avaa Sulje

    To increase the blade life when cutting nails and steel, reduce the speed by 2 settings and move blade side to side while cutting.


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