Become A Distributor


Making multi-tool blade and accessory sales…EASY!

Offering the most complete multi-tool solution in the world!

Some of the benefits for every SMART distributor:

It’s not all about the product and end-user satisfaction!! Here at the SMART Tool Group, we acknowledge that our products not only need to perform well, but also be well presented in store, have all the relevant information on the packet, have knowledgeable staff that can guide a customer to the right product… to this end, we have always had a strong focus on ensuring we can and do support every distributor with all the support they need!

And the support doesn’t just stop there! We like to ensure each distributor has the very best mix of products for their customer base (after all, every market is different!) and help them maximise the sales per inch in their store or catalogue!

We even advise when products have been superseded with a better solution, monitor sales to remove and slow movers, look out for opportunities that the distributor may be missing out on!!