63mm Wide “Japanese” Tooth Blade

Japanese Tooth, fast and precise.....get that bamboo flooring down quicker with SMART.


Why Japanese?

Maximum cutting speed is achieved thanks to the double-row tooth pattern. This tooth pattern with its longer teeth allows you to
start cutting from a precise point by standing the blade on its corner and lowering it into the timber.

Ideal width for creating long flat horizontal cuts e.g.: door jambs and skirting boards.
Also for general purpose timber Suitable for general timber cutting and finishing work.

Blade Width: 63mm

Depth of Cut: 42mm




063JT1 1 x 063JT – Carded 1
063JT3 3 x 063JT – Carded 3
063JT10 10 x 063JT – Carded 10

Other Information


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– Finishing work on Timber

– Timber Plunge Cutting

– General Timber Cutting

– Plunge Cutting Bamboo

Shank Options

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Smart_Shank_V3_ISO_white_BG-bmpSMTX – PLUS


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