ASSORTMENT PACKS – Flooring and Tiling

The SMART Flooring and Tiling assortment kits – The perfect choice for your floor maintenance and restoration projects.

The SMART flooring kit consists of a 32mm and 63mm fine tooth timber blade for all timber cutting, plus a stainless steel rigid scraper for removing old floor coverings and also silicone and glue removal.

For tiling, SMART has 2 assortment options for you. The Economy assortment includes a 63mm fine tooth timber blade for undercutting skirting board and moldings, plus the carbide segment blade for all grout removal and the tungsten carbide rasp for rasping tile adhesive to get the surface back to new before replacing a broken tile.

The Premium tiling assortment kit has the same accessories as the Economy version, but the carbide segment blade has been substituted for the diamond blade. The diamond blade is a harder wearing and longer lasting blade for grout removal.

Did you know?? The SMART DSB1 diamond blade -as include in the Premium tiling assortment kit- is perfect for removal of the extremely hard epoxy resin based grout, commonly found in many commercial situations.