The No. 1 Secret To Extending Your Multi-tool Blade Life

September 14, 2016


The best way to increase your blade life simply comes down to the way you use it. Whilst the oscillating action of the multi-tool creates a sawing action, the actual movement of the blade tip is no more than 2-3 teeth wide. So when your blade hits a nail or screw, all the pressure is on 2-3 teeth. This causes excessive heat and wears these few teeth out very quickly leaving a flat spot that renders the blade ineffective for further cutting. Understanding this is key to overcoming the issue.

The solution is to move the blade from side to side as much as possible. Don’t just rely on the oscillating action. By spreading the load over as many teeth as possible you reduce the friction and therefore drastically reduce wear. Also when plunge-cutting timber, if you rock the multi-tool from side to side this prevents all teeth being in constant contact with the timber and reduces heat build-up, eliminating smoke and burning of the timber. Try it – you will notice a significant increase in your blade life.